Friday, October 7, 2011

My life as a blogger.

          According to Google analytics, this is my 100th blog. That's 100 straight days of writing to you about things on my mind. Most gratifying of all is the fact that I have readers.

          One day I checked the statistics and found that I had 27 readers in Norway. How did that happen? I'm flattered, but what do they get out of reading this? If you're there, Norway, let me know.

           You, too, Russia. The week after I found out about Norway, I was told I have 47 readers in Russia. Our mutual fondness for Maria Sharapova, apparently.

            A few people have asked how I can write a blog a day. It requires real concentration because on the days I teach in San Francisco, I write these blogs on BART. (For those of you in Norway or Russia, that's our rapid transit system.) I start in Berkeley and I'm usually done by Montgomery Street. If not, I finish on the way home.

             Other days, I write during my morning coffee at a cafe, Pane Italiano Qualita. It's easier there than on BART, because the constant parade of interesting people keeps me writing. And it doesn't screech to a stop.

             Often I can't think of anything to write about, and then a student asks an interesting question in class, or I get an idea from an article in a magazine or the newspaper. My focus is always on making this a learning experience for all of us.

             A friend in Toronto emailed that he reads my blogs aloud to his wife while she makes breakfast. Now there's a considerate husband for you. A former student now in Chicago started reading my blog and said she spent one whole morning reading it. Obviously a slow day at the office.

            The colleague who got me interested in blogs commented that she's grateful for my enthusiasm for teaching. I'm grateful for her comment.

            Some people write that they read these blogs every day. That's gratifying, too.

           There's something I can use, though, if you want to send me a gift. That gift would be hearing from you with a suggestion or two about what you'd like me to write about. I'm here to serve, as they say. One person suggested I never mention the Kardashians again. Oops ---  I just did!

            Thanks and a big hug for reading this. My goal is to write a blog a day for a whole year. With friends like you, maybe I'll make it. And maybe even longer.

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