Saturday, November 5, 2011

Don't hold your nose. It's a perfume commercial.

        Why do the fragrance marketers aways seem to make the most captivating commercials and videos? Sure, there are others that are funnier and catchier, and even some that even contribute an idiom to our speech. But captivating? Nobody outdoes the perfume people.


          I think that's because emotion beats rational every time. Emotional story telling, usually. We all love stories and instead of showing us a cross-section of a new gadget or a hair follicle, these fragrance ads show us slices of romance and relationships. Far more satisfying.


          Wouldn't it be refreshing if Coca-Cola left us guessing about a meeting of a passionate couple (of people, not polar bears). Or if a Jetta commercial was a tribute to the independent businesswoman and her aspiring associates.


          Too many people in advertising who call themselves creative might start by looking at a half-hour of fragrance commercials --- and breathing some of that emotion into the advertising they're working on. In fact, you can start with this one:


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