Monday, August 8, 2011

The Art of Dressing Down

       I'm always amazed when I see a high-fashion designer come out to take his bows after showing his line at a fashion show.

       He's usually dressed worse than I am when I'm getting ready to paint a room. He's wearing basic black, usually a T-shirt, old jeans, and non-descript running shoes.

       Why? Where's he running to?

        Isn't this one of those guys who says he's creating art, not apparel? One of those guys who spends top dollar to buy ads to make you spend top dollar? What's he trying to say? "Just because you spend a fortune on clothes, don't expect me to!"

        Or maybe it's "I'm working so hard backstage for this show that I didn't realize I don't have a thing to wear!" Or perhaps it's simply, "Do as I say, not as I do".

        Personally, I think it shows disrespect for the customer. Shopping for clothes is an experience. Living the life inside the glow of a high-fashion brand should be a totally marvelous experience.

        It should include a designer who looks like a designer, always in the best of taste, surrounded with the best of taste, and dressed in the best of taste. An awesome character, oozing with charm and drop-dead good looks, that we'd all like to be invited to jump into a taxi with to go to a party on a Friday night in Milan and again the next night in Paris.

       Not some guy who stopped in on a Saturday afternoon on his way to the hardware store.

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