Friday, January 20, 2012

More humor in advertising? That's pretty funny!

         One of Madison Avenue's New Year predictions is that more brands will shift to humor as an antidote to bad times. So reports the Wall Street Journal. I don't believe a word of it.

         In tough times we can all use another chuckle, but advertisers aren't really seeing themselves as entertainers these days. They're too hard-pressed to sell things, and more apt to shout at you than tickle you. Except on the Super Bowl, where tickling is traditional.

        When the economy was going great guns in the '60s, humor flourished. Here are some examples:





          Let's hope things pick up fast.

          Some other predictions by the WSJ include turning TV into a "virtual community event", with apps like "Get Glue" that let you have conversations with others also watching the show.

          More "foul-mouthed ads" on the Web and certain cable TV channels.

          New approaches to sampling, such as the vending machine being tested by Kraft that uses facial recognition to pass out samples of Jello.

          A new big addition to Black Friday called "Mobile Thursday". The paper quotes Glenn Cole of  agency 72 and Sunny: "Mobil devices are now the place where you can have your most meaningful, most valuable, and even most inspiring relationship with a brand."

         Predictions even include new kiosk machines that remind you what you bought the last time, such as the color of paint you used for the bedroom.

         Tell me the truth. Are you ready for this?


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