Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What to wear when passing Go and collecting $200.

         I've just read the news on Stylesight. Hasbro, the game maker, is expanding into the fashion industry. Hasbro makes Transformer robots and Nerf footballs, as well as Parker Brothers games. Now they have eyes on my tee shirts.

         According to Stylesight, a pair of Nerf-themed sneakers that Hasbro has made with Nike sold for $1,600 a pair. The company has teamed up with Junk Food Clothing to launch fashion tees based on the Monopoly game.

         "Their whole philosophy is to go into the archives and freshen it up and make it relevant for today," said Elizabeth Miller, Hasbro's Director of Strategic Marketing and Innovation.

         Hasbro's next project, Stylesight says, is a capsule men's collection with Rocawear, combining some of Jay-Z's song titles with images from the Battleship game.

        This opens the door to a wonderful world of fashion ideas.

         I imagine it won't be long before we start wearing Candyland bathing suits and Clue underwear. "Colonel Mustard did it in the library with a Transformer."

         Maybe we can have Risk jeans, Sorry tops, and Scrabble socks. Uncross your legs and you a get triple word score.

         Those would go nicely with my Spill 'N' Spell cargo pants and Tinker Toy sneakers.

         Am I being too skeptical? I think I'm just envious of the Hasbro people who came up with the idea. Fashion is supposed to be fun, and they've turned it into fun and games.

         Want to join me and come up with more fashion and game ideas? I'll be landing on Boardwalk on Monday afternoon.

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