Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time to Rethink.

         Rethink, a Canadian agency, came up with an idea I wish I had come up with. For its client, hair-restorer Panorama Hair, it placed mirrors on the ceilings of subway cars. That way, everybody can see who's losing their hair.

         It's a perfect example, I think, of using the medium to full advantage. It's not only a demonstration of the need for Panorama, but also great for conversation and creating word of mouth.

         Every time someone uses media in a bright, unexpected way, it can get a great reception. Years ago, when I was working with the General Motors Delco battery account, we had an ad on hold at a hundred newspapers in the North --- with instructions to run the first morning the temperature went down to zero.The headline said simply,"It's going to be 0 degrees today. Good time for a Delco battery." Later, for Gatorade in the summer, we did the same thing when the temperature first hit 100.

         We've all seen the terrific outdoor examples, usually on the sides of buildings. For example, for the electric company, a huge painted electrical outlet with a 3-dimensional cord extending into a window two floors up. Or beer pouring from a painted bottle into a large stein held out from a window.

          A church once did outdoor boards where passers-by would hear a booming voice asking where they were last Sunday morning.

          I once did a campaign for a radio station that used posters on the outsides of buses. Each one was different, and ended with ... (Continued on next bus.)

          Speaking of buses, have you seen the ones made to look like huge loaves of bread?

          I also did a radio campaign for Reynolds Aluminum that was "a minute of good news, for a change." A lot of items that could brighten up your day a little. We got lots of letters thanking us.

          So this afternoon, come up with a new way to use an ad medium. And don't look up while you're on the subway.




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