Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Your annual spending should only be this good.

          Advertising Age's annual spending issue revealed some very positive data. For one thing, advertising spending in the U.S. in 2011 was about $122-billion. Overall, there are 177,200 jobs in advertising agencies, up over the year before.

          When you combine the number of advertising and marketing jobs in the U.S., the sum is 720,000 jobs, down 5,000 from the year before. But Internet companies added another 110,000 jobs. So once again, advertising is a growing field, not a shrinking one.

           Where are most of the open jobs these days? Think digital. Internet media and portals added 16,800 new jobs in 2011.

           Ad agencies in New York are complaining about the scarcity of good people. There are never enough, and starting salaries are good. Chicago has jobs, too, especially the bigger agencies.

           Here are some more numbers to think about from Ad Age. First, the amount spent on advertising in measured media last year:

                                        Walmart Stores    $903 million
                                         Macy's                $890 million
                                         Target                 $650 million
                                         Verizon               $ 1.5 billion
                                         McDonald's        $888 million

             Next, some media numbers. National spot radio advertising, up 18.6%. Outdoor, up 9.6%. Spot TV, up 23.6%. Internet, up 9.9%.

             Remember, too, that most of the advertising and marketing jobs aren't in ad agencies --- they're on the client side. Every major advertiser has an ad department, and some companies even have people inside that make and place the advertising.

             Above all, keep this in mind: although advertising is a big field, there are never enough big ideas.

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