Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another ultimate vodka.

         I just ran across an ad for a relatively new vodka, Ultimat. It's from Poland, imported by Patron Spirits.  The ad showed a bottle of Ultimat, and this copy:

         "You work for the best accounting firm in the city. With the most expensive office furniture. Which you've been sleeping on for the past six weeks. Find balance. Find Ultimat."

         Now can you please explain this ad to me --- in our mutual interest in education?

         No doubt accountants are busy this time of year, it being tax time and all. But are they really driven to drink? How does a vodka from Poland help a big-city accountant find balance, or peace of mind, for that matter? Is that really what we want, a hard-drinking C.P.A. giving us tax advice?

         Besides, I've never heard anyone belly-up to a bar and say, "Barkeep, I'll have that Polish vodka all those accountants like." Not even economists (those other guys who love numbers) have that kind of pull.

         Perhaps Ultimat will become a big success. It is from Patron, which is probably what the ad should be all about. And maybe all those top-notch accountants will find a way for us ordinary folks to write off the stuff. To me, though, it's just another example of some out-of-touch ad people trying to show off how "with it" they are.

         I suggest these ad people get off their Herman Miller chairs and get into real life. Talk to bartenders, talk to people at liquor stores. They're far more likely to have some insights than accountants.

        The big trend in alcohol sales these days isn't white goods, the gins and vodkas. It's in the return to brown goods, whiskies and blends. Maybe consumers are also looking for something more down to earth.

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