Sunday, April 1, 2012

A blog in a world of bloggy thinking.

         I've read a report that says all kinds of people around the world read this blog. I'm assuming it's all kinds; the report just said people around the world.

         Like the shoemaker's children with holes in their shoes, I've done nothing to promote this blog except tell my students and friends to check it out.

         The readership includes 29 people in Norway, 31 in Russia, and the rest in North America. I have no idea why Russians are reading this blog, inasmuch as I never read any from Russia. But I would like to.

         I've received emails asking what it's like to write a blog every day. Truth is, now I can't stop. I told myself when I started in June that I'd do it for a year. Now it's an obsession. I hope you'll stick with me.

         Some of the best-known writers  now do blogs but they're not necessarily the best blogs. They're blogging on their reputations, something I can't count on. Other writers have made names for themselves with their blogs but then it often seems like they no longer have time to think.

         Every once in a while there's an article in a business magazine that tells you how to blog your way to success. They also say a blog can help you get ahead within your own company. I've told few people within our organization that I blog.

         There are also people who seem envious of me writing a blog because they make a point of telling me they don't have time to read it. But I know they do because they slip up now and then and mention something I've written.

           I don't read blogs regularly, either. There are quite a few good ones. The rest seem to be on a slippery slope to oblivion, talking about things few people are interested in.

           All in all, blogs are a good idea for anyone in marketing to tackle. They help you clarify your thoughts and solidify your discernment of things. If you're tired of reading, write! The more you write the better you get and the less intimidating it becomes. And who knows, maybe it will become an obsession and you'll write your own blog every day.

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