Saturday, May 26, 2012

The beautiful people.

          Why is it some people are perfectly dressed every day in every way for every occasion, and others look like they forgot to turn the lights on in their closets?

           I guess I can say I'm perfectly dressed for every occasion, too. If every occasion calls for a blue shirt, black pants, and black socks.

           But these other people, wow! Where do they learn all the subtleties? I can't believe it's instinctive.

           To answer my own question, most of our own fashion students are into fashion scholarship. You can fool some of the people with Forever 21 some of the time, but our students read and watch everything and see every movie on Netflix. Soon, I guess, it becomes second nature to them, and they know what Dolce is going to say even before he tells Gabbana.

          Why else would so many blondes pull their ponytails through khaki baseball hats and wear white shirts and khaki pants? I'm always looking around for a stray polo mallet.

          Other women wear only black. They look like they're in mourning for the Free People tops they wore in high school. They're always in black. If you go out for popcorn during the movie, you'll never find your date when you come back.

          Whenever there's a war on, military-inspired clothes come back into fashion. Epaulettes everywhere.  Last Wednesday on United Nations Plaza outside our school, it looked like the gourmet food trucks were circling in preparation for an ambush.

          The preppies hang out in the suburbs, I guess. Not too many in the city. It's the Laurens versus the Hilfigers, and may the best plaid win. Boat shoes but no boat.

          Personally, I'm not sure the clothes make the man these days. I think that today, the best iPhone case wins.

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