Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy birthday, stinker.

         If you're a guy, how would you feel if someone gave you a holiday gift of Axe deodorant, a disposable razor, body wash and shampoo?

         If you're a woman, how about a Fabreze odor-eliminating candle, body wash, lotion, and a shower pouf? Excited, honored, awestruck?

         These are the kinds of products that were offered in December in gift sets --- assortments that sell for less than the total retail value of the products included. As a marketer, I really wonder about the idea. We're accustomed to offering what people really want. Why would they want gifts like these?

          I can't speak for the recipients, but apparently some shoppers like the idea.  It makes life a little easier for them. They can grab these, wrap them up, and have everything ready for the paper carrier, the letter carrier, and Uncle Harold from Cleveland.

          Some shoppers are very cagey about these assortments. They take the cellophane off, add some Christmas stickers or confetti, and re-wrap them in festive paper. Looks like a lot of thought went into these.

         Personally, I wouldn't mind an assortment of after shaves, but not the other stuff. It is a great way for manufacturers to sample their merchandise, but I'm still doubtful about how they're received.

        You're giving me deodorant, with all these companion products in exactly the same scent? Really, how sentimental. How come you didn't just get me room deodorizer and call it a day? Oh, you're saving that for my birthday. Thanks!

         We're trying to recover from a recession, and I'd like to reciprocate. How about a decanter of Head and Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo?


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