Monday, July 9, 2012

Higgs Boson and the rest of us.

         We all know about the God Particle by now. It's this mysterious particle that scientists described and hoped to find, because it might be a key to the beginning of the universe.

         Well, now scientists believe that they found it. As my friend Paul pointed out, it's the center of one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history. Millions of dollars are pouring in for further research on the sub-atomic particle that nobody can see, nobody is sure exists, and nobody knows what it does.

         Phase Two of the marketing campaign is undoubtedly about to begin. The gimmicks and trinkets based on the particle in question.

         First, of course, will be the classy cedar box, rhinestone-adorned, to keep your God Particle in.

         Then the tee-shirts roll out. "Higgs Boson has nothing on me." And "Kiss me, I know Higgs Boson." Or "Haven't you seen the God particle before?"

         Next, the bumper stickers. "Higgs Boson on board." Or "Back off, I've got the God Particle".

         They'll probably charge millions to rename an athletic facility "God Particle Park".

          I'm told that originally the scientists called it "the God-damn Particle" because it's been so elusive. If the promotion goes the way I think it might, we all might be be calling it that.

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