Friday, July 13, 2012

The naked closet.

       Annette Tapert, writing for the Wall Street Journal, asked fashion designers how they would create a new wardrobe from scratch. It's the minimalist's ultimate fantasy --- starting over.

       Here's what some of them said, in part:

       Donna Karan: You don't need a lot of pieces, just the right ones. So think versatility.

       Caroline Herrera would immediately replace the item for which she's famous, the white shirt. "It's an easy element for anyone to her own way."

       Vera Wang: "I would immediately buy leggings, t-shirts and sweaters. I'd be heartbroken if I lost my cartigan collection."

       Nanette Lepore thinks having to replace everything is a unique opportunity for self-reinvention, according to Tappert. "First buy what you're obsessed with, then break the mold," Lepore says.

       What would you do? Would you cry over spilled jeans, or love to start over? My own closet has two sections: stuff I wear and stuff I might. Occasionally I wear something from the "might" section and I'm always sorry. The sleeves are too wide, the pants too wide, the pattern over and done with, the lapel on the jacket too thin, too wide, or absent. You'll know me when you see me on those days, especially if I put on my angora sweater.

        I wish I had the willpower to empty my closet into garbage bags, call Goodwill for a pickup and then, in my one remaining pair of Sevens, head for the one store I would let do a makeover.

        J. Crew. The only trouble is, it would look a lot like what I'm wearing right now.

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  1. Amen to that. I am in the midst of a move, which is the perfect time to purge and start fresh but I find myself struggling to let go. I would like the think I was someone who would jump at the chance to start fresh, but the reality is, I am not. And even if I did start fresh, I am like you, I end up with a closet of the same stuff, just newer.

    Perhaps I would be more inclined to start fresh if someone else was footing the bill. Otherwise it will take a miracle and a whole lot of extra cash to change this flip-flop and jeans girl into a Louboutin-loving fashionista.