Sunday, July 3, 2011

Please drive safely. Blog readers are hard to find.

       This week I saw a sign in a liquor store that said "Buy a fifth for the Fourth".

       Catchy, but I hope it doesn't catch you. The July Fourth holiday is the deadliest of all for alcohol-related accidents and deaths on the road. Even more than New Year's.

       Years ago I created a series of two-page ads (they're called "double trucks"or "spreads") for General Motors. The ads were filled with holiday safe driving tips, and appeared in 600 newspapers. The ads were quite popular, and talk show hosts across the country actually read them on the air.

        But still, with all being written and said, year after year, some people don't buckle up, have one for the road, don't pay attention, get distracted, and die on the highways every holiday.

        Please don't drive and drink. Please don't have a fifth on the Fourth.

        As one of my ads said, "Don't turn Independence Day into Memorial Day".

        You're too important to me.

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  1. This ad is paid for my moms, dads, and loved-ones across America.