Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who wants to be in a third place?

         If Starbucks is, as Mr. Schultz claims, the "third place" to gather at the end of the day, instead of home or at work, most people seem to prefer one of the other two. Or a fourth.

         Why can't Starbucks seem to get an after-work crowd, a later than after-school crowd, or even a before-dinner crowd? Some Starbucks are open long enough to get an after-dinner crowd, and even the wee-hours crowd. Where are all the beautiful people, or all the people that look like me for that matter?

        You'd think a master marketer would be able to figure this out. You're a marketer --- what would you do to get people into Starbucks at the end of the day?

        On a related topic, there seems to me to be room in the marketplace for an Anti-Starbucks. A coffee place that advertises that it calls a large a large, with nothing grande about it. A place that charges less than your lunch money for a latte; makes a double macchiato too proud to be in a paper cup; and laughs off charging an extra half a buck for soy.

        I'm not talking about McDonalds. McDonalds has good coffee, they say, but it's still McDonalds.

        I'm talking about a coffee place. One that still uses the apostrophe in its name. Owned by two guys who know you don't come there to sip the atmosphere, refuse to use tongs to pick up a piece of pastry, and  don't stop brewing decafe around four o'clock, just when everyone's worrying about being over-caffeinated.

       It would be fun to do the advertising  for such a coffee shop and a kick to do some videos we can put on YouTube.

       Maybe we can even be the first to use anti-social media.


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