Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why I'm carving "LV" on my wallet.

       Teaching fashion marketing has changed me forever. I like the subject, the students, and the intellectual challenge. It has also changed my world view.

       Here's one example. A week or so ago I was reading about the U.S.-Japan women's soccer game. Not really reading so much as fascinated by the color photo.  It showed American Abby Wambach and Japan's Saki Kumagai head to head with the soccer ball. Did I notice the joy of victory or the agony of defeat on their grimacing faces? 

       No. I noticed that Ms. Kamagai was wearing beautifully colored nail polish. Even in battle her nails were a  work of art.

       A couple of Sundays ago I attended the Picasso exhibit at the De Young Museum here in San Francisco. It was from the National Picasso Museum in Paris, an extensive show through all of the artist's periods --- starting way before his Pink Period and including household decorations and sculpture.

       Which painting caught my attention most intensely? It wasn't a painting. It was the photos of Picasso right before the entrance to the exhibition. What he was wearing, how he presented himself with his family and friends. I made mental notes and now know how to dress if I want to become a famous Spanish painter.

        Fashion, of course, is an art in itself, and has a challenging place in commerce, as well. I'm caught up in both. 

        The tensions between art and commerce, style and emotion, cultural artifacts and sexual attraction, tradition and trends --- these create the ecology of fashion and I'm thriving in it.

         I look at a beautiful woman these days and what's the first thing I see? Beautiful legs terminating in espadrilles.

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