Thursday, February 16, 2012

Okay, everyone out of the limelight.

            I've been told by the people who grade the famous Myers-Briggs test of personality types that I'm a  introvert but right on the borderline. I'd rather be a full-blown something, introvert or extravert, but no such luck.

            What brought this to mind is a new book called "Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking". That's my world, for sure. According to the author, Susan Cain, in a world where men and women who are big and brash and tend to dominate, introverts are great.

             Ms. Cain says we think more, we're more careful, and we focus on relationships and meaningful work. On the substance, rather than on the gloss and glitter.

              I guess being barely on the introvert side of the border, I can get easily pulled off the bag and become as reckless as the next guy. Especially when I'm trying to concentrate.

              Maybe that's a good thing in marketing and advertising. Maybe we shouldn't concentrate so hard on what we want to do that we become oblivious to what our customers and even our competitors want and care about.

               There are people in the business that are convinced that good ideas happen in their heads. All they need is a pencil and paper, or these days an iPad. On the other hand, I operate more like a camera, quietly taking in the people, the conversations, and everything around me. Sure I talk; even cameras click every once in a while. But a lot of my talking is questions, not answers.

               As a wannabee introvert, my motto is "Stay off the conclusion couch voicing your opinions and you'll learn a lot more." Being something of an introvert has its advantages. Your work can be a tad more thoughtful. You ponder rather than pounce. Although all through elementary school teachers wrote on my report card, "Harvey is very reserved".

               Little did they know I was taking pictures.

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