Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tea for two?

         A new study has finally told us how to have a successful relationship. The study was conducted by Wakefield Research and was sponsored by Seattle's Best Coffee. So what did the survey tell us? Have another cup of coffee.

         Now that you know the startling news (you thought it was either luck or your personality, didn't you?) I'll let you in on some more.

         To quote from a report, the study revealed that "39% of coffee drinkers recommend coffee with a significant other as the best way to have a healthy relationship." It even beat out flowers and jewelry.

         For new couples, here's a little sweetener. Some 28% of the coffee drinkers said "staying for 'morning after' coffee is the first sign the relationship is getting serious". Even more than keeping a toothbrush there or updating your status on Facebook.

         And what if you skip coffee together? According to the study, 31% of the people not satisfied with their relationship would rather end the relationship than  give up their coffee.

         This is really serious stuff. Especially on Valentine's Day. I can imagine all the new greeting cards coming out:

                             Roses are red, violets are blue,
                             I'd rather be on a caffeine binge with you.

                             I'll be your grande if you'll be my vente.

                             One more coffee together and it will be
                             grounds for marriage.

                             Dear Valentine: Join me for coffee.
                             The cup is disposable but I'm not.

                            Just knowing you, Sweetheart,
                            my mocha runneth over.

            But what do you do if your sweetheart doesn't drink coffee? Chai, I presume. And save the green  tea for Saint Patrick's Day.

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